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Tax Aid

TaxAid is a charity that helps people on low incomes with their tax affairs. TaxAid helps people on low incomes to understand the bits of the tax system that apply to them (safely ignoring the confusing 98% that don’t),  pay only the right amount of tax and help them resolve crises when things go wrong. TaxAid is unique as a charity providing free, independent, advice across the range of tax issues that impact on people on low incomes helps the most disadvantaged 20% of unrepresented taxpayers on low incomes who cannot afford professional advice uses its unique experience in advising to influence government and HM Revenue and Customs in cases where the tax system is unfair, inefficient or reduces incentives to work trains high street advice agencies to recognise the problem, deal with the first step and appropriately refer. TaxAid runs a national helpline, and provides  face-to-face services in London, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and York. It also gives advice via email. Our website is designed to make tax understandable to any taxpayer.

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304 Linton House
164-180 Union Street
United Kingdom