There is a volunteering opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, ability, health, or life experiences, and Gateshead Volunteer Centre can provide extra support.  Our experienced and friendly staff can help you find and access the right volunteering opportunity for you.  Depending on what you need, we can support your journey into volunteering by:  

  • Arranging a 1-2-1 meeting to look at how volunteering could benefit you and find opportunities relating to your needs.
  • Helping you complete any paperwork that may be required and making personal introductions.
  • A named contact to offer confidential advice and guidance.

Come and have a chat about volunteering at one of our drop-in sessions held in community venues across Gateshead - or contact us directly at to arrange a time to chat.   

Friday 19 April                  11:30- 14:30      The Winlaton Centre                                

Thursday 25 April             14:30-17:30       Felling Community Centre

Tuesday 30 April               12:00-14:00      The Winlaton Centre

Friday 31 May                  12:00- 16:00      Leam Lane Library

Thursday 9 May               11:30-14:30       Barley Mow Village Hall

Wednesday 22 May         10:00- 13:00      Asda Gateshead MetroCentre

Thursday 30 May            10:00-15:00        Alive Church (St George's), Bensham

Friday 31 May                  12:00- 16:00     Leam Lane Library

Monday 17 June              10:00- 16:00       Asda Gateshead MetroCentre

We are also in attendance at Davidson Building, Swan Street - Citizens Advice Gateshead to offer support on areas that may be relevant to you:

Thursday 9 May               17:30 – 19:00    (LGBTQIA+)

Tuesday 14 May               17:30-19:00      (Neurodiversity)

Tuesday 21 May              17:30-19:00      (Ethnically marginalised communities)

Thursday 6 June              17:30- 19:00     (Women)

Tuesday 11 June              17:30-19:00      (Neurodiversity)

Thursday 13 June             17:30 – 19:00    (LGBTQIA+)

Tuesday 18 June              17:30- 19:00      (Ethnically marginalised communities)

For support into volunteering, please contact Marie Wisson, Gateshead Volunteering Development Coordinator: