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The successful Sikh initiative that started in January 2009 (Waheguru Project) has relaunched after a break. As you can see, we have a new name and set of contact details. Simple, memorable and to the point we hope you will agree. There is an addition of a Full Time worker as well as the continuing work of the core Sewadars (Volunteers). We are sure this will offer more continuity and breadth in the Service offered. Our core aims and activities remain the same. 1. To supply knowledgeable and experienced Sikhs as Speakers for those people, groups and organisations that would like a Sikh voice. 2. To supply knowledgeable and experienced Sikhs as ‘Hosts’ at Gurudwara across the North East for any person or group who wishes to visit and wishes for a ‘Host’. 3. To act as a point of reference and information about the Sikh Faith and how it applies to the society in which we all live. 4. To seek out groups, committees and organisations who may not know this exists and offer our Service to their work. If our Service would be of use to you or anyone you know we would be Honoured and delighted to hear from you. If you feel you may be able and willing to assist us in some way, similarly please contact us.

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