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Walking Football

Please check with the event organiser before making a special trip to this event.

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Takes Place on:
Takes place on: 
Times of Session: 
1:00pm -2:00pm
How frequently are these sessions held: 
Every week
Any Exceptions?: 
NOT bank holidays
Date of 1st session: 
Monday, 3 July, 2017
New participants Please contact Walking Football Coordinator to confirm date/ times/ costs

Guidelines for Sessions

    Players are not permitted to jog or run while the ball is in play
    Anyone doing so is penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team
    If the ball goes off the pitch over the touchline, the game is restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in (to allow for different physical capabilities)
    It can be played indoors or outdoors
    Numbers per team are dependent on the number of participants at each session
    No pitch size/surface constraints - dependent on venue
    Sessions on average will last one hour with short breaks throughout game
    If you have concerns about your medical health please contact your doctor and seek advice before participating

Variations and game adaptations can be made to suit participants’ needs and capabilities.

“New participants to contact Walking Football Coordinator to confirm date/ times/ costs” 

Contact: David.jeffers@gateshead.gov.uk 

Gateshead Leisure Centre
Alexandra Road
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