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First Light - First Light Community Allotment

Please check with the event organiser before making a special trip to this event.

Takes Place on:
Takes place on: 
Times of Session: 
1300 - 1500
How frequently are these sessions held: 
Every week
Details of exceptions (if other): 
Weather permitting
Date of 1st session: 
Friday, 22 March, 2019

First Light - Gateshead veterans support group is working closly with Gateshead Careres to maintain thier allotment at The Racecourse Estate in Gateshead.

We meet every Monday 1pm to 3pm

​We all know that regular out door exercise can boost our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as help to reduce isolation. It doesnt matter if you know your way around a garden or you just want to get involved, you'll always be welcome at First Light.

First Light always welcomes partners, friends, carers or anybody you bring along to support you.

It can sometimes get messy, so please wear some appropriate old clothing.


Tel: fred on 07480 936 549 or email: fred.bamborough@gmail.com 

Tel: wayne on 07717 687 558 or email: waynemccamley@yahoo.co.uk

Find us on facebook, search for First Light veterans support group


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