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Description: Special Olympics Gateshead is a sporting club and registered charity that provides weekly sports training in 9 sports to over 200 children and adults with disabilities across Tyne and Wear., The weekly training provides athletes with the skills and confidence to then go onto compete in regional, national and international competitions. , 4 of the club’s athletes have represented Great Britain in international events and the charity has a strong partnership with Newcastle United, with the club’s Academy players being mentors for Special Olympic Footballers., The primary aim of the sporting club is to enable people with disabilities to have the opportunities to fulfil their sporting aspirations as much as people without disabilities.  From taking part in the Special Olympics Programme, athletes become physically fitter, improve their confidence and feelings of self-worth, make new friends and have the opportunity to showcase their talents and potential – demonstrating that there is an Olympian in every one of us., Special Olympics is an established charitable group that has its own independence., This volunteer role is for chaperones for the athletes of Special Olympics.  Athletes can take part in regional, national and international competitions and events and chaperones would be required to attend these events with them.  Expenses would be covered., While delivering this volunteer role the chaperone will be responsible for the individual they are assigned to for up to 24 hours. It is up to the chaperone to ensure that the physcial and emtional needs of the athlete are met during the competition or event., The activities within this role for volunteers could include:, , ensuring that the athlete is comfortable and happy prior to and during a competition or event, take precautions to avoid weather related problems for the athlete. In summer avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion by using sun cream, drinking plenty of fluids and taking advantage of shaded areas whenever possible. In winter making sure athletes are adequately clothed, take advantage of opportunities to warm up and avoid sun burn and wind burn with sun cream and moisturisers., be sure an necessary first aid is administered promptly, ensure athletes have adequate rest, be sure athletes eat properly, avoid overeating or missing meals., be aware that excitment of the competition or event could encourage inappropriate behaviours. Close supervision at night and at all activities is required., to be aware of the athletes possessions.  Do not leave unattended, double check rooms when packing and inquire for lost items before leaving competitions or events., to be familiar with the medical conditions, precautiongs and medication requirements of the athlete, ensuring that the athlete has access to and is wearing proper identification items including wristbands, bibs, name badges etc. are worn at all times, to be familiar with all schedules of sports, special events and meals, no alcoholic beverages, tobacco or marijuana products are allowed at special olympic events and competitions.  , , , Skills and qualifications needed: Chaperones are expected to have:, , a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort, integrity, good, independent judgement, to be patient and understanding, friendly and approachable attitude, to have an interest in sport or the Special Olympics, to be willing to travel either regionally, nationally or internationally with the individual, experience of supporting adults with learning disabilities, an ability to prioritise the safety and importance of the athlete that they are supporting., , Additional Information: If you are interested in this volunteer role please submit an online Expression of Interest Form or email volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk for more information. , , Contact details:

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