Special Olympics; Fundraising/Funding bid writer

Description: Special Olympics Gateshead is a sporting club and registered charity that provides weekly sports training in 9 sports to over 200 children and adults with disabilities across Tyne & Wear., The weekly training provides athletes with the skills and confidence to then go onto compete in regional, national and international competitions., The primary aim of the sporting club is to enable people with disabilities to have the opportunities to fulfil their sporting aspirations as much as people without disabilities.  From taking part in the Special Olympics Programme, athletes become physically fitter, improve their confidence and feelings of self-worth, make new friends and have the opportunity to showcase their talents and potential – demonstrating that there is an Olympian in every one of us., Special Olympics is an established charity group that has its own independence.  Part of the role of the charity is to raise their own funds to deliver the project. Such funds will enable athletes to transform their lives by taking part in regional, national (enabling athletes to stay overnight away from their homes for the first time in their lives) and even international competitions, shown by 4 of the club’s athletes having represented Great Britain in competitions all over the world., Volunteer support with fundraising and writing funding bids is required., Volunteers are needed who can be passionate about raising money for the Special Olympics athletes and the project delivery around the Special Olympics.  The main duties of this role would include any of the following:, , taking part and organising individual fundraising events and challenges, taking part in and organising team fundraising events such as bag packs, organising fund raising events such as raffles, bake sales, tombolas etc. or any other source of fundraising, creating new suggestions around fundraising and fundraising events, promoting Special Olympics to corporate organisations and trusts who may wish to donate to the project, inspiring others to raise money for Special Olympics and providing support to enable this, attending meetings to discuss fundraising efforts with any other fund-raising volunteers, search for suitable funding streams through trusts and organisations that are open to applications on behalf of Special Olympics e.g. Lottery, Community Foundation and others.  Grantfinder can be used., writing applications and bids (depending on the individual requirements for each funder) to potential funders including detailed information specifically about the project and its delivery., incorporating all the success stories of the project and athletes into requests for funding, incorporating and updating the involvement of other corporate organisations including Newcastle United and the players who are involved in Special Olympics already., writing online applications from home or wherever the facilities are available. . , ,  , , Skills and qualifications needed: Potential skills and qualifications needed by fundraising volunteers may include:, , dedicated and committed volunteers, proactive, creative writing and report writing, a desire to support services, a desire to support vulnerable adults and children, confidence to approach people to raise money, confidence to submit funding applications, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm to get involved in activities, an ability to network and provide links between different projects, organisations and services, experience or skills in organising events or fundraising activities, flexibility to become involved as and when funding becomes available and as and when funds are needed, capability to plan for events and budgets., ,  , Additional Information: If you are interested in volunteering in this role please submit an online Expression of Interest form or email volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk , , Contact details:

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