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Puppy Raiser

You will be providing a puppy with a vital foundation for its future role as a guide dog. This is a full-time volunteering opportunity as a puppy will live with you in your home for around 12-16 months.

We rely on volunteers like you to help us improve the lives of people with sight loss. In this role your support will include:

  • Developing, caring and providing for the needs of one of our puppies using Positive Reinforcement Techniques and following Guide Dogs Puppy Raising for Excellent Partnerships (PREP) programme
  • Familiarising a puppy to a wide range of environments including shops and outdoor off lead exercise areas in all climates and seasons.
  • Teaching a puppy it’s ok to be left alone by gradually building up from a few minutes to a maximum of 4 hours
  • Attending regular puppy classes
  • Regularly meeting with Guide Dogs representatives to discuss your pup’s development
  • Completing regular on-line questionnaires to help us monitor puppy progress

Ideally you will:

  • Be able to handle large breed dogs (around 25-40kg)
  • Have access to a car on a weekly basis for training and vet visits
  • Have your own home or written permission to have a dog in the home
  • Have access to a secure area where the puppy could go to the toilet during the day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night
  • Be able to access online content and training materials (you will need your own email address)

If you don’t feel you tick every box but are sure this role is the one for you, please drop us a message and tell us why. We’re open to suggestions and happy to chat with you to find out what’s possible!

Volunteering is a two-way street, so in return for your time you will get;

  • A dedicated volunteer manager/key contact who will help you settle in and support you during your time with us.
  • The challenge and reward of seeing a puppy develop in your home.
  • The opportunity to learn and develop your understanding in dog body language, learning theory, the human animal bond and the life of a Guide Dog.

This role has 13 hours of training and then you’ll be ready to go! These modules include:

  • Foundation training on dog body language and communication
  • Ongoing training both virtually and face to face as part of the role

If you have questions about the training requirements, we can answer these at your interview along with any other support or accessibility needs you may have.

Volunteering for Guide Dogs should never leave you out of pocket so we’ll make sure we pay any expenses related to your volunteering with us in line with our policy.

Criminal Disclosure check necessary? No

We are working hard to make sure anyone who wants to can volunteer for Guide Dogs, but at the moment we have a minimum age of 18 for this role.


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Lucy Prudhoe

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