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Description: Whether you're interested in being the first response to the scene of a crime or engaging face to face to support out local neighbourhoods, there's a volunteering role for you at Northumbria Police., Northumbria Police volunteers come from all walks of life, putting their diverse skills and experiences to use in roles such as Speical Constables, Cyber-Crime Specialists, Community Speed watch Volunteers, Police Cadets and much more., If you're bored of hitting the gym or just watching the TV after work, it's a great chance to do something different with your free time.  It doesn't have to be a massive commitment - you can do as little as four hours a week., As a member of the Nortumbria Police family you will feel an enormous sense of satisfaction and pride in being part of a team where you are recognised for the difference you can make., Chief Superintendent Sara Pitt leads on volunteers for Northumbria Police, talks of the importance of the role and her gratitude to those who volunteer., She said "The work of our volunteers is nothing less than extraordinary and the skills, attributes and experience gained by becoming a volunteer are limitless.  We're looking for people who might feel the need for a change in their lives, a new adventure or positive use of their time.  I am grateful to everyone who dedicates their time and skills so that together we can try and make a difference". ,  ,  , , Skills and qualifications needed: Additional Information: , Contact details:

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