Volunteer helping an elderly woman at a drop in point

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A new venture has been funded by the NHS to roll out Arthritis Care Community Champions.

We are now recruiting volunteers for the Community Champions role and the One2One Community Champions role in the Gateshead area.

The drop in points are already in full swing at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bensham Hospital, Blaydon Walk in Centre and various community venues throughout the Gateshead area.  

The service aims to increase awareness and self management of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Working alongside community groups and health and social care professionals trained volunteers provide face to face contact at local drop in points giving people with arthritis access to:

  • Information –web based and paper
  • Self management techniques
  • Local service sign posting.

A deeper and more individual service to people with arthritis can take place over six sessions.  This is service is facilitated over the phone and is provided by our One2One Community Champions.  


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