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Volunteering at Basis@Gateshead

Added by: Oasis Community Housing

Main Duties

Listed under:Health and Wellbeing, Housing, Support, Unemployment, Volunteering, Everyone, Gateshead Town Centre
Date Added: 5th May 2017
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Volunteer with Banardos

Added by: Barnardos Gateshead

Volunteer activity is flexible however it is estimated that it will involve at least two hours a week.

Listed under:Volunteering, Everyone
Date Added: 4th May 2017
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Felling Park

Felling Park & Town Centre Volunteer Task Days

Added by: Friends of Felling Park and Town Centre

Every Saturday Friends of Felling Park & Town Centre deliver a task day with their volunteers.  This included:


Listed under:Environment, Gardening, Everyone, Felling
Date Added: 4th May 2017
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