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Volunteer Driver, Deals on Wheels

Description of what will be involved: 

This volunteer role will have a base location of the Elgin Centre at Deckham however will involve delivering food to various locations across Gateshead. The main aim of the Community Kitchen is to provide affordable food and educational food-based workshops to families in an area of Gateshead which is affected by poverty.  The group also operate a hot food delivery service aimed at older people or vulnerable adults.

The group are looking for individual volunteers who are able to drive some of the meal made at the café to those who use the deals on wheels service.

This role would involve the volunteer using their own car and collecting several meals from the Elgin Café in a suitable container.  You will be provided with the necessary addresses and the name of the individual who will receive the meal.

Each day the you volunteer will vary in terms of how many are needed to be delivered.  It depends upon the number that are ordered on a day

You will be the vital link between Elgin Kitchen and the individuals who we serve. You will be the friendly face of Elgin Kitchen interacting with the individuals who receive the food.   If required support can be provided to load up all the food into the car.  It is advised that all volunteers who deliver this role declare that they are doing it with their own personal car insurance company.




Opportunity Location: 
Skills and qualifications needed: 

Volunteers need to be have:

  • Drivers must be over the age of 21
  • Access to their own vehicle
  • A standard driving license
  • Able to use a sat nav system who know Gateshead well
  • Able to perform physical tasks including lifting and loading
  • A supportive nature
  • Patience
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • An approachable attitude
  • A friendly approach
  • A reliable and trustworthy personality
Does opportunity require DBS check?: 
Full time/Part time/Short term Other:: 
The volunteer role will fit around the volunteer
Opportunity start date: 
5th March 2019
Opportunity end date: 
Thursday, 5 March, 2020
Contact Person: 
Kate Marshall
Contact details: 

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