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NHS Online Digital Volunteers.

Description of what will be involved: 

The aim of this volunteer role is to assist the Project Team with recording people's memories and experiences of the NHS and to contribute to the Project's aim of creating a diverse and holistic history of the NHS.

Key activities include:

  • 3 days training in oral history skills
  • planning and preparing for oral hisotry interviews, including communicating with interviewees
  • carrying out interviews
  • taking informed consent from interviewees and completing consent forms
  • handover of interview data and documentation
  • completing interview summaries for the recordings
  • acting as an Ambassador for NHS at 70

Additional opportunties

  • assisting the Project Team with research and writing
  • supporting NHS at 70 engagement events and activities.


  • You will need to be available for some time during the weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Training will take place during weekdays and some interviews may be undertaken in evenings and weekends.
  • respect the confidentiality of interviewees and other interviewers
  • commitment to attending oral history training
  • undertake the minimum of 10 interviews

What will you gain:

  • Professional oral history training
  • communication and research skills
  • an opportunity to meet new people
  • an opportunity to play a part in an exciting heritage project and help shape its direction.

Location:  Interviews will take place across the North East.


Confidentiality - YOu will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreements to protect the confidentiality of interviewees.




Opportunity Location: 
Skills and qualifications needed: 

Volunteers must be able to:

  • work towards the Project's aims of creating a holistic and diverse history of the NHS
  • Work as a team
  • be punctual and reliable
  • be respectful of others' differences and choices
  • maintain confidentiality at all times
  • commuicate clearly
  • work within oral history good practice guidelines


Volunteers need to be able to :

  • communicate basic information about the NHS at 70 project
  • be aware of the project aims and ongoing activities

Skills and experiences.

For this role volunteers need to have:

  • an interest in people
  • ability to listen
  • ability to plan and work independently
  • ability to communicate clearly with others
  • be non-judgemental
  • have a keen interest in the history of the NHS
  • some IT skills or willingness to learn


Does opportunity require DBS check?: 
Additional Information: 

Supervision and support arrangements - support and supervision is provided by the Project Team through training, meetings, debriefs after interviews, volunteer group meetings.

Training and dates - Oral history training

Venue: Beamish Museum

  • day 1 training - 4th January 2019
  • day 2 training - 17th January 2019
  • day 3 training - 30th January 2019

Volunteer expenses

  • you will be able to claim travel expenses for attending training days and will be provided with refreshments, including lunch, during the training
  • you will be able to claim travel expenses and subsistence when you are undertaking interviews
  • you will be able to claim travel expenses and subsistence when you are assisting the project team with research and writing and/or supporting NHS at 70 engagement events/activities
Opportunity start date: 
4th December 2018
Opportunity end date: 
Thursday, 1 August, 2019
Contact Person: 
Kate Marshall
Contact details: 
0191 433 3255 email: volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk

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