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Minibus Driver

Description of what will be involved: 


To drive Age UK Gateshead's accessible minibus in a reponsible and competent manner, ensuring the safety and comfort of your passengers.

The role involves:

  • carrying out driver's daily checks and risk assessment as per Age UK Gateshead's guidelines before taking the vehicle on the road
  • reporting any vehicle defects and faults
  • ensuring the vehicle is in a clean condition (inside and out) before and after use
  • Refuelling the vehicle as requested by the Transport Manager
  • being responsible for the safety and comfort of your passengers and be aware of relevant minibus legislation
  • being able to use the passenger's lift/ramp in a safe and responsbile manner
  • ensuring the correct use of the appropriate wheelchair and passenger restriant systems
  • assisting passengers when entering and leaving the vehicle
  • maintaining simple vehicle and driver's records
  • being self-motivated and sensitive to the needs and wishes of your passengers
  • informing Age UK Gateshead immediately of any changes in your health that affect your driving license or ability to drive
  • informing Age UK Gateshead immediately of an licence endorsements
  • notifying Age UK Gateshead as soon as possible of any incidents or accidents affecting passenger safety whilst on duty
  • working within Age UK Gateshead's Health and Safety guidelines

Your role would also require you to :

  • be familiar with Age UK Gateshead's policies and procedures relating to accidents and incidents (e.g. calling at a client's home and getting no answer)
  • undertake necessary training
  • participate fully in the running of the Day Centre or Social activity
  • provide assistance to the Day Centre Service or Good Companion Service as required

Suggested hours

Time commitment can be between one of four days per week when our Day Centres and Social Opportunities services operate the daily time commitment is approx.9:00am - 5:00pm


Opportunity Location: 
Skills and qualifications needed: 

The skills required for this role are:

  • a liking for and empathy with older people
  • the ability to work on your own and as part of a team
  • reliability and trust worthiness
  • an interest in developing activities for older people
  • a high level of fitness
  • good communication skills, including a sound understanding of both spoken and written English
  • good time keeping skills
  • knowledge of the local area
  • an understanding of the neef for confidentiality
  • a sense of humour
Does opportunity require DBS check?: 
Additional Information: 

Age UK Gateshead will pay any agreed travel expenses (busfare, etc) on production of receipts paid out in the course of journeys, so that you are not out of pocket.  Use of your car will be paid on a mileage basis for all journeys undertaken.

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