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Age related sales test purchase exercise

Description of what will be involved: 

Gateshead Council's Trading Standards carry out under-age test purchasing to check that sellers of age restricted products, such as alchol, tabacco and fireworks do not sell to children.  The team are looking for volunteers aged between 14 - 16 years old.

The young person will be fully trained in what to say and do.  The young person will be told to say that they are 18 years old and give a date of birth appropriate for a person of 18 if asked their age/date of birth by the retailer.

At least one officer will supervise the young person at all times.  In any exercise, the young person's welfare is paramount.  The nature of the young person's involvement in the exercise will not be revealed whilst they are on the premises, unless the officer is of the opinion that their welfare is at risk.  The officer will intervene at any time where the young person's welfare is at risk. 

The Local Authority will not reveal the young person's identify in any subsequent publicity.  Appropriate refreshments and transportation will be provided.  This exercise may result in legal action and the local authority will endeavour to ensure that the young person will not be required to attend court as a witness.  However in exceptional circumstances this may still occur.

The parent/carer will provide a witness statement to confirm the date of birth of the young person if required.


Skills and qualifications needed: 

Volunteers need to be confident.  The activity will take place during the school holidays or a few hours after school but this is rare.

Any target volunteers needed? : 
Does opportunity require DBS check?: 
Additional Information: 

If you are interested in applying to become a volunteer please complete an Expression of Interest form.  The hard copy of the document can be emailed to volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk or the online version can be found at www.gateshead.gov.uk/article/4788/Express-your-interest-in-becoming-a-volunteer

Contact Person: 
Kate Marshall
Contact details: 

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