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Individual Volunteering

Gateshead Council can promote your organisations volunteering projects and roles. 

The volunteer roles included below are the current live individiaul volunteer roles across the community of Gateshead.  This includes those volunteer roles within Gateshead Council service areas as well as those within the voluntary sector of Gateshead. An individual volunteer is matched to a suitable volunteer project regardless of where it is based.

If you would like to promote an individual volunteer role that is available within your organisation please complete and email back the volunteer role template which is attached.

If we are able to match one of our centrally registered volunteers to an available volunteer role within your organisation (and we have their permission) their application information can be shared with you.  This will include their original Expression of Interest (application information) and returned references for the individual.

Group Volunteering

As well as individual volunteer roles we are also able to match groups of volunteers (2 or more people) coming together to deliver a set of tasks over the period of 1 day within the Community of Gateshead.  Groups of volunteers can be students from courses, groups of employee volunteers, local community groups or just a group of friends coming together to help in their community.

Our projects are always direct within the community and are matched to the group of volunteers depending on their likes and experince.  Each grou are asked to chose a project that they are most interested in.  I then work with the group to develop the volunteer day and to make sure any necessary equipment etc. is provided.

We do encourage groups of volunteers for organisation to offer a donation to the projects wherever possible as hosting projects can sometimes be a lot of work for some voluntary groups.  This isn't a necessity, as there isn't a charge for these projects, however any donations whether it be items such a refreshments or equipment once it has been used for the volunteer day, or a financial donation would be welcomes and it would directly to the group rather than to a service we provide.

Included below are some examples of the general type of projects that are provided under group volunteer.  Group activity is not limited to this list.   Any tasks and activities can be added to the central list of projects and wait to be matched to a group of volunteers:

  • litter picking at various locations
  • Painting of communal lounges, community facilities across Gateshead
  • Helping out at lunch groups in a variety of roles.  These can include, serviingfood, chatting to residents, clearing away and playing games such as bingo and other social activities
  • helping community groups with the development of their website or social media accounts or other technical support that can be provided
  • helping groups by looking over their books and other organisational type support
  • Gardening projects at a varity of schemes and projects throughout Gateshead including schools, community centres, elderly residential places.
  • helping on task days within our open spaces such as parks e.g. Chopwell Park, Felling Park.  Can also be environmental cleaning down by the River Tyne etc.
  • helping out on group events such as groups delivered by Carers Trust, e.g. group session for carers of people with dementia, keeping service users company by chatting and listening to them.
  • foodbank Gateshead, helping out at the foodbank warehouse (Team Valley Gateshead) preparing the donations that come into the warehouse and sorting through them all as well as preparing packages to be sent out.
  • helping out at local charity stores such as Oxfam, helping with window decoration and sorthing through donations
  • general tasks and activities associated with the day to day running of community groups
  • getting involved and support events such as the World Transplant Games 2019.

Under each of these general types of categories that are a number of different projects.  Once I am aware of the volunteer the group would like to get involved in.   The organisation will then be supported and the following provided:

  • identify a list of potential projects for them to choose from
  • arrange a visit on site
  • arrange the volunteer date and times
  • help to identify equipment where possible
  • attend the volunteer day for officer support if needed
  • help to organise the removal of rubbish etc. if needed
  • provide risk assessments of each of the tasks that will be deliver
  • provide a write up of the day

Volunteers will be covered under their own organisations Public Liability Insurance which will be confirmed on each individual case.

All group tasks and projects are held on one central list detailing what is needed etc.  Using this list the group requests are matched to a suitable project.  If you would like any tasks and activities added to the central list please let me know.  Initially all we need is a couple of lines over email around what the project involves.

Please note that the volunteer roles should not replace any tasks or volunteers that should be delivered by paid employees.  Support can be provided to help determine this.

To register a general project idea of group volunteering please email some intial information to volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk


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