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Registering a group volunteer project in Gateshead

There are a number of projects waiting to be matched to the most appropraite group of volunteers across Gateshead.  If your group, organisaiton or project would like to register an opportunity with us please email volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk and you will be supplied with the correct information.

All that is needed initially is some basic information about the potential project including it's location, and what equipment would be used etc. Once matched to a group this can be worked up further.  The majority of group requests are from corporate organisations.  As these volunteers are representing their own organisation while volunteering (and not acting in their own right) they will be covered through their organisations own Public Liability Insurance policy.

Each different project is tailored to suppor both the organisation hositing the project as well as the organisation providing the volunteers.

As well as providing volunteers to deliver a specific set of tasks, some organisations are also able to provide a financial contribution for the volunteer day.  Where any financial investment is provided it will be directly to the group hosting the volunteers.  This is not a necessity of group volunteering so not all volunteers are able to offer this.



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