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LEAP - The Energy and Money Saving Service

LEAP - The Energy and Money Saving Service

We are offering local residents a completely FREE OF CHARGE service called LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership). 

LEAP can help residents to save money and keep your home warm and cosy

How it works:

If you're eligbile, you will get a free home visit from a friendly, qualified Home Energy Advisor.  LEAP can:

  • Help check if you are on the cheapest energy tarriffs - could save you over £280 a year
  • Install FREE, simple energy saving measures which can save the average household £30 on their energy bills a year.
  • Give you day-to-day energy efficiency hints and tips and ensure your heating system is set up to keep you warm and save money
  •  Arrange a FREE telephone advice service to help with benefits, debt and other money problems
  •  Refer you for further energy efficiency improvements, such as loft insulation or a new boiler.

Are you eligible?

​You may be eligible for the LEAP service if one of the below apply.  If you:

  • have a low income
  • receive tax credits
  • receive housing benefit
  • receive an income or disability related benefit
  • have a long term illness or disability.

Call us now on free phone 0800 060 7567 (open 8:45am - 7:00pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am - 12:00pm on saturday's) to book your free home visit, or apply online








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