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Drug Awareness

On this page you will find links to the resources discussed in our "Drug Awareness" training session and found on our hand outs provided on the course.

Where relevant, as well as the web link, we have attached documents to this page including PDFs, Word documents, power points etc

Gateshead Recovery Partnership

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Platform gateshead: Specialist substance misuse services to under 18s reducing risk, problematic substance misuse and further harm.

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The Drugs Wheel

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Talk to FRANK

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Home Office resource pack NPS (PDF)

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General Resources for Gateshead

One You Gateshead Facebook

Our facebook page with the latest infomation on Public Health Campigns, information on Gateshead  Public Health commissioned servcies and more

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One You Gateshead Twitter

Our Twitter page shares the latest information for Health Campigns that are running 

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Public Health England Resource page

Order resources for Public Health England health campaigns

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Public Health Gateshead Annual Report (PDF)

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