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BIDGE Interpreting Translating & Training Services CIC, www.bridgeinterpreting.co.uk, admin@bridgeinterpreting.co.uk, Tel: 0191 662 0015


Bridge Interpreting Translating and Training Services is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Gateshead in the North East of England. Our ethos is to provide a high quality, professional and confidential interpreting and translation service.

We also offer competitive room hire with full facilities for community groups, organisations, society’s, business’, and individuals.

Bridge is also a recognised accredited training centre which allows us to provide personalised training for each person registered with us; therefore we guarantee that we will always provide qualified interpreters for every booking request that is made with us.
We believe that everyone deserves to be listened to and that nobody should be discriminated against because they do not speak a particular language. This is why we are committed to providing quality interpreting, translation and training to any organisation or individual in the North East of England.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use their skills in the best way possible and that all skills and qualifications are transferrable and that is why we are here to support transition of migrant workers into the UK job market. We are passionate about the work we do and about helping members of our community to see a brighter future and achieve what they really want in life.

Bridge is a recognised accredited training centre for the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL). We offer nationally recognised qualifications ranging from TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting (RQF) – 16 credits to preparation courses for the Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) and Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI), including the first Advanced Medical Interpreting course in the North East of England, internally designed by Bridge and endorsed by TQUK.

And there is more! A full list of our training courses on our website www.bridgeinterpreting.co.uk

Information can also be obtained contacting us on:- 0191 662 0015 or

Email admin@bridgeinterpreting.co.uk

Bridge is registered with the Regulator of Community Interest Companies which guarantees the priority of the community comes before profit.

Through our Personal Continuous Professional Development programme we, at Bridge are committed to providing advancement in employment opportunities for individuals looking to enter the UK job market for the first time, as well as other UK residents with identified language skills.

This programme is available to all individuals registered with Bridge regardless of whether they have the intention to develop professional interpreting into a life career.

The aim of the programme is to maximise existing skills and qualifications of individuals living in the North East of England by providing training opportunities.



Our mission is to raise the standards of interpreting within the North East by providing the highest quality Interpreting courses and thereby investing in the future of the multilingual community and providing dedicated guidance and support for their personal development .



Support members of the multilingual community of the North East to reach their life’s potential by recognising qualifications/ skills gained in their home country, matching with UK standards where possible and provision of new training to assist entry into the UK job market.



As an ethical company we strive to achieve our core values:

·         Respect and value interpreters, translators, clients and staff

·         Ensure high quality by only employing qualified interpreters and trusted linguists as part of our team.

·         Recognise the professionalism and demand of the role of an interpreter and provide excellent support and training for all our team.

·         A happy team is a productive team, and Bridge is a collective effort for mutual advantage.


TRANSLATING We provide a translation service which has the highest quality assurance procedures possible. We can provide translation of various written documents in printed and/or electronic formats in a wide range of languages. Examples of such documents include:

·         Birth Certificates

·         Legal documents, including court decisions

·         Letters

·         Leaflets and posters

·         Bank statements

All our translators are highly qualified (from Master’s degrees in Translation to DPSI qualifications) and have extensive experience in dealing with urgent requests (e.g. evidence for court hearings). We also maintain a close contact with them via phone or e-mail throughout the translation process to ensure deadlines are always met.

All of our translations come certified with a stamp and signature.

INTERPRETING All our interpreters are qualified, highly skilled and experienced professionals following a strict Code of Conduct, trained to provide a completely confidential and impartial service. All our interpreters undergo a vetting procedure, ensuring that they have the right to work in the UK and hold a DBS certificate. Our Code of Practice is available on request.

Failing to use an appropriate qualified interpreter with cultural sensitivity and instead relying on family members, friends or individuals socially connected to the client compromises the client in access to and delivery of services , quality and confidentiality. All our interpreters are qualified, vetted and are bound by a Code of Ethics. They understand and practice impartiality, confidentiality and accuracy when interpreting and their conduct abides to the National Occupational Standards of Interpreting in the UK.

WHY USE INTERPRETERS? The Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 makes it a legal obligation for public bodies to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination. A requirement to speak English in order to access services could be construed as being racially discriminatory. Furthermore, the Race Relations Act requires that services should be delivered in a non-discriminatory way.

We offer services to all organisations that require a bridge between English and other languages. These could be within the following settings, although the list is not exhaustive:

·         Healthcare: hospitals, clinics, GP practices, mental health

·         Local Government: housing, social work, education

·         Legal: police, courts, solicitors, immigration, family matters

·         Business: business conferences and visits


Interpreting Training Opportunities:

TRAINING page to see the full list of interpreting qualifications we offer.

Bridge offers the full 16 credits TQUK Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting (RQF), which is a nationally recognised qualification and the minimum required to enable a bilingual speaker to work as a Community Interpreter.
This course is ideal for bilingual adults, who wish to develop their interpreting skills to gain employment, enhance existing CV, progress in current paid or unpaid role, or progress to further training.

Must be fluent in English an another language

You will learn:
To understand the role of the Community Interpreter
To learn about the sectors where interpreters may be required to work
To develop and practice sight translation
To demonstrate the skills of two-way interpreting
To learn how to develop and enhance own performance
Issues of confidentiality and intervention skills

The certificate consists of seven units, four mandatory and three taken from a selection of optional areas.

The course includes: group work, role plays, pair work, portfolio building tasks, specialist trainers interventions, research, workshops, individual assignments and case studies.
The course will run 1 day per week for 14 weeks. There is some flexibility on the day and time accordingly to the availability of students Should there be sufficient demand then more than one course may run at a time.

Contact Bridge for details on course fees.
For information about 24+ Loans funding scheme, go to our NEWS page or contact Bridge.
See our TRAINING page to find out about the interpreting qualification that suits your needs.


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