Organisation Address

The Millenium Centre
Grange Terrace
NE11 0XN
United Kingdom

54.903671113774, -1.6228362490267

Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce you to RedHot Fitness.

I live nearby and I’m excited to announce that I will be launching some brand new and exciting fitness classes at Kibblesworth Millenium Centre. Launch night is Wednesday 27th September & all classes are FREE for one night only!!!

These 30 minute classes are fun, intense workouts designed for torching fat, toning, and helping you smash your fitness goals. There are 2 types of classes: Kardio Kombat – A cardio class based on mixed martial arts.

This includes easy to follow combinations and is suitable for all fitness levels.

HIIT Hybrid – A high intensity workout that is designed to help you to burn fat, create muscle tone and achieve results. Options are given to suit all levels of fitness. Timetable: Wednesday 5.30pm Kardio Kombat £3 Wednesday 6pm HIIT Hybrid £3 Friday 9.15am Kardio Kombat £3 Friday 9.45am HIIT Hybrid £3 Friday 5.30pm Kardio Kombat £3 Friday 6pm HIIT Hybrid £3 All fitness levels welcome, take a look at our page for more information and current offers.