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We have had an emperor dragonfly flying around the poñd and wildlife area. Beautiful creature, emerald and black stripes. Tony found a ne creature crossing a footpath, our cover photo. After research we discovered it was a pale tussock moth larva. It was put in the wildlife garden to find a place to pupae. Chris came across a sparrow hawk having a blackbird for a meal. Natural order. A dunnock seems to enjoy visiting the seaside garden regularly. Fascinating to watch. Noticed a few mice scurrying around. Chris came across a hibernating hedgehog in a flowerbed. We will make sure it is left undisturbed. We are going to make some suitable hibernating areas. Chris used to run a hedgehog rescue, so will keep us right. 

In the small wildlife pond l cleared l found a small long thin fish. Turns out it is a freshwater loach, which like to bottom feed and is useful in a pond. No idea how it got there. There may be more. Maybe we have some in the main pond. It will be interesting to check our pondlife next year. I have seen a frog  jump into the other small pond, so hope to find more frogspawn next year.

We are holding a volunteers day on Saturday 22nd October from 10am to 4pm if anyone would like to see the gardens and donate an hour or to of their time. We would really appreciate the help. I would like to thank the people on Whickham's Facebook who are kindly donating items to the gardens. We really appreciate it and will make good use of them.

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