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Staying Steady FREE exercise class - new classes begin October 2019

Gateshead Older People's Assembly "Staying Steady" programme is for people who have had a fall, have a fear of falling, have problems with balance or have osteoporosis.  Exercises will help to improve strength, balance and mobillity. 

Staying Steady is a 20 week course with start dates throughout the year and the course is held at various locations across Gateshead. 

Is the class right for me? 

In order to take part in the classes you should

Be in control of any long term health conditions you may have 

Be able to either mobilise independently, with a stick or two sticks  

Be able to carry out standing exercises for a minimum of 5 minutes 

Be able to make your own way to the classes 

For further information contact Gateshead Older People's Assembly  0191 438 1721



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