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Stained Glass Windows at Communal Lounge, Teams

This past 12 months, our communal lounge in Dunston and Teams has undergone major transformation. With a brand new kitchen, better facilities and new windows and doors, we needed one final finishing touch to make our mark. 

Thanks to funding from Comic Relief and the support from Sue Woolhouse and Equal Arts, our lunch club members spent many months creating beautiful stained glass windows which are now a permanent feature in our lounge. 

Each window represents a different theme. Our big red bus recognises the vital minibus transport that helps to bring our members to the lunch club each weekday, and then back home again afterwards. In every window there are photographs of our members, and even our driver sat at the steering wheel. 

Our two other designs include butterflies and hands. Butterflies represent the logo from the National Garden Festival, which was being built at the same time as our charity first began all those years ago, providing catering services to the builders working on the festival before it opened. The hands represent the strong friendships created amongst our members. 

We hope that you agree with us that our members are brilliantly creative and talented. 

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