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Youth Focus: North East is committed to “celebrating Young People in the North East”, and since 2010 we have been holding the PoSBOs.

Finding its roots in our positive images Truth About Youth project, PoSBO stands for “Positive Social Behaviour Order”. Youth Focus: North East celebrates the positive activities of young people, youth groups, and youth projects.

There are eight awards available, individuals and groups working with young people across the North East are encouraged to apply. Winners of each category will receive an award, with all shortlisted nominees involved in the ceremony also receiving a token of achievement.

The PoSBOs, now in its seventh year, is the region’s original young person awards ceremony that recognises and celebrates all of the hard work and contribution to their communities that 11-25 year-olds do throughout the year.

The event is organised by a voluntary group of young people who have been involved throughout the life of the awards, with support from staff at Youth Focus: North East. Not only are young people benefitting from receiving awards and feeling valued, but they are also gaining valuable transferrable skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Originally funded by the Co-operative Foundation for its first five years, we are now only able to run this event with the support of sponsors.

This year’s awards evening will take place on Thursday 8 December 2016 at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Quayside, Gateshead. During the evening there will be a drinks reception (non-alcoholic), presentation of awards, buffet and entertainment, and a special guest speaker. We are expecting an audience of approximately 180 people including young people, those who have worked with them, and their friends and family.

In this news item, we will cover how you can support the PoSBOs 2016.

How Can You Support the PoSBOs?

We estimate from previous years the awards evening will cost approximately £5,000.
The financial areas we would like extra support with are:

  • Venue
  • Buffet and Refreshments
  • Promotional materials – printing of flyers/posters
  • Coverage of the event
  • Awards
  • Photographer for the evening
  • Entertainment

We have decided this year to look at possible different levels of support/sponsorship for the celebration evening. All options below will include branding in our online and offline marketing campaign throughout the North East, sustained promotion in all awards coverage, advertising campaigns, and editorial content. Plus for:

£5,000 – Event Sponsorship
Overall sponsorship of the Awards. Preparation, promotion and evening of the awards to include your organisation name across all publicity and marketing coverage. Judging of entries and selecting winners. Front row table with five seats, the opportunity to give a speech and present an award, an award engraved with sponsor’s name, a prominent link on the webpage for the awards, Gift bag.

£800 – Category Sponsorship
Front row table with five seats, the opportunity to give a speech and present an award, an award engraved with sponsor’s name, a prominent link on the webpage for the awards, Gift bag.

£500 – Associate Sponsorship
An award engraved with sponsor’s name, a prominent link on the webpage for the awards.

Why should you sponsor the awards evening?
Sponsors will benefit from strong promotion throughout the Awards process from mid-August – December 2016, and networking opportunities at the awards evening with approximately 180 people attending.

You will receive consistent corporate exposure alongside the Awards promotion. In addition, you will benefit from a profile-raising presence and relationship building opportunities with people in your local community and the youth sector from across the North East. Your business will also receive a full-colour advert in the event programme.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity and would like to join us in celebrating young people’s positive contribution and hard work in the North East, please get in touch with Caroline Garrity, Office Manager, by Friday 30 September 2016.

If you require any further information about the awards or sponsorship opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us or download our PoSBOs Sponsorship Pack.

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