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Smoking causes 16 different types of cancer

Smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.

Quitting is the one clear way to reduce your risk.

More than 1 in 4 cancer deaths in the UK are caused by smoking. You might know smoking causes lung cancer, but it also causes cancers of the mouth, nasal cavaties, pharynx and larynx, stomach, kidney, bowel, liver, pancreas, ureter, oesophagus, cervix, bladder and ovaries as well as myeloid leukemia.

Whether you smoke cigarettes or roll ups, you breathe in more than 5000 chemicals, including dozens known to cause cancer like arsenic and radioactive polonium 210. These enter your lungs and spread through your body.

Quit now by visiting the BRAND NEW Smokefree Gateshead 

Or find out more information about FRESH North East Quit 16 Campaign


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