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Save while you shop by avoiding weekly payment schemes on the highstreet.

This year, Foundations launched it's weekly payment scheme  in conjunction with NEFirst Credit Union and The Gateshead Housing Company. 

Customers are saving, on average, £1500 by shopping with us using a credit union loan which can be applied for in-store. Some households have saved up to £4500! 

We provide a wide, and growing range of new sofas, corner suites and three piece suites as well as all of the new furniture, electrical and white goods needed to furnish your home in style. 

Don't need a loan? You can also buy goods now, across all of our new and quality pre-loved ranges. 

What makes us even more different to weekly payment schemes on the high street?

Because we're a charity, not only are you saving money, you're also helping others in your local community. All proceeds from each and every sale are used towards helping people in need, who require free or low cost pre-loved furniture after experiencing disadvantage such as poverty, homelessness, fleeing abuse and leaving care for example. 

To find out more, call in to our showroom any weekday between 9am and 4pm and speak with Brett or Michael. 



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