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Drinkers in the North East are being encouraged to take more days off the booze as a worrying survey found 6/10 people who responded admitting to feeling tempted to pour a drink most nights.

Balance is backing a new campaign from Public Health England encouraging people to take at least 2 or 3 days off drinking every week as a way of cutting down to 14 units or under and reducing the risks of an alcohol related disease.

People are being encouraged to visit the ReduceMyRisk.tv website to download the One You Days Off app to help them cut down, feel healthier, lose weight and save money.

The results of an online survey by Balance revealed that:

  • 60% (5,566 respondents) said they find themselves tempted to pour a drink most nights.
  • 44% (3,714 respondents) admitted that a friend or family member has suggested they might be drinking too much.
  • 48% (4,213 respondents) admitted their behaviour changes after a drink.
  • 71% (5,958 respondents) admitted they find that one drink just isn’t enough.

For more information visit: www.reducemyrisk.tv

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