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Newcastle/Gateshead "Canny City"/Kindness Project

As part of the NewcastelGateshead "Canny City" project, I'm interested to hear peoples views on how we improve the skills, qualities and environment needed to ensure Gateshead is seen as a comfortable place which supports peoples emotional well-being.


Common values needed to be a "Canny City" include recognising that-:

  • Emotional Health, Well-Being and living without fear, distress and anxiety are fundamental and a right we all have.
  • The greatest asset a city can have is its people; we want residents and visitors to Newcastle/Gateshead to feel accepted, understood and supported, enabling them to feel physically and emotionally safe but with support and help close to hand.

There are elements too of a Kindness Project, started in Newcastle which could be developed within the Gateshead Borough (Please see link below).


If you have any thoughts about how these can be embedded within the Gateshead community, I'd love to hear from you.

Please contact-:

Ian Black (Making Every Contact Count Development Lead Mental Health)

Public Health,


Telephone 0191 433 3043

E-Mail ianblack@gateshead.gov.uk

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