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Mental Health: Karyn Ainsley & Richmond Fellowship

Karyn Ainsley, Locality Manager with Richmond Fellowship talks about the support that her organisation offers to people to improve their Mental Health and the tools that they use to review progress.

This includes Key Workers supporting service users to get involved in activities in their local communities, do their shopping and support key tasks of daily living.

Karyn goes on to give an overview of a person’s experiences of Mental Health support, starting off in hospital for over 20 years and the role her organisation had in supporting the person to make the adjustments from hospital care to integrating them into the local community.

The person has gone on to be involved in service reviews for the organisation, travelling to different parts of England and has gone from 24/7 support in a hospital to 2 hours floating support in the community. Something that reaffirms to her on a daily basis why she is so passionate about her role.


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