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Local Supermarket Customers raise funds for Furniture Charity

In April, Foundations Furniture was told that customers at local supermarket, The Co-op, had raised funds for the charity via the Co-op Local Community Fund scheme. 

Each time a customer shops at the Co-op with their membership card, the Co-op sets aside 1% of each Co-op branded purchase and donates it to three charities per area, chosen by local people. 

Foundations was thrilled to receive over £1,200 in funding to help towards it's crisis support project. The project helps households throughout Gateshead to quickly rebuild their home lives after crisis, distress and disadvantage by providing pre-loved furniture.  Not only does this help to establish the home for all family members, including children, it also eradicates what can be a long term financial and emotional burden for those with no possessions of their own and extreme poverty after homelessness, fleeing abuse or leaving care for example. 

The funding has helped 18 households (51 people including 29 children living in poverty) with the funding. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing similar difficulties, you can be referred to Foundations for free support by any local support service such as Gateshead Council, Gateshead Advice Centre, The Gateshead Housing Company and many more. (The project does rely on the kindness of funders such as the Co-op therefore help is available only when funds allow.)

Foundations collects your unwanted furniture and electrical items free of charge and uses each item to help people in Gateshead to lead safe, comfortable home lives. If you have items you wish to donate, contact the charity on 0191 4778337.

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