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John Home, Young Volunteer, July 2017

John is 20 years old and based in Whickham.  John applied to become a registered volunteer in July 2017.  John was keen to get involved in a volunteer role within the Central Library. 

John is going to University to study to become a primary school teacher. His previous Teacher, Kath Flint, from Whickham secondary school explains:

"John is a fantastic student, whose work ethic is outstanding and really reflects just how passionate he is about extending his knowledge and learning in general. His enthusiasm is always clear within every lesson and his determination to succeed."

Kath continues to explain that John "is an inspiration and should be celebrated."

John’s own determination in finding ways to develop his own skills has led to many work experience placements as well as additional volunteering.

Highlighting successful case studies like John’s to other Gateshead students (and young people in general) helps to illustrate the impact volunteering can have on an individual, and makes the goals of volunteering more realistic for young people

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