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How could Gateshead Libraries change in the future? Tell us what you think!

Following public consultation earlier this year we now have a range of options which could change Gateshead Library Service. We really want to know how you feel about the options that are being considered by the Council.

Complete the survey at www.gateshead.gov.uk/consultations or pop in to your local library.

Phase 1 of the consultation closes on 15 November

Please note:

Phase 1 of the consultation aims to gather public opinions for possible service changes. This will help us to understand how the changes will work for local communities and to determine final proposals. Phase 2 of the consultation will present specific library service proposals and will start 1 December and run through to 24 January 2015.

For queries contact Sarah Allton on 0191 433 8402 or email sarahallton@gateshead.gov.uk

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