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Holiday Activites and food - Free activities for children in the summer holidays



Gateshead Council and its partners is delivering an expanded programme of activities and meals for children during the summer holidays thanks to Government funding

Gateshead has benefitted form a shar of £9.1m from the Department for Education to provide free meals and activities including sport, dance, arts, crafts and drama throughout the six week break 

Community venues, churches and sports clibs will all play their part with more than 20 different organisations expected to provide over 10,000 places for children across Gateshead.

Over the last five years the council has worked with community groups and partners to provide "Fill the Holiday Gap" activities which have provided food alongside fun activities and things to do.  The programme has been identtided as good practice by Northumbria University.

Healthy and nutritious food is provided alongside the activities which will take place over several hours wach day and each week of the summer holidays.

The free activities are available to children ages between 5- 18 with a packed lunch or hot meal also provided.  Activities include sport, dance, arts, crafts and drama.

Please see the lin kbelow for further details and information on who to contact in the venues to book children on the activities that they are most interested in.  Placements are all FREE and any child is welcome to come along and join in. 






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