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A graph of 'how important' and 'how difficult to change'

From speaking to volunteers and volunteer coordinators we have summarised six ‘headline’ concerns about supporting volunteers and voluntary groups:

  • Finding out about volunteering opportunities
  • The processes of becoming and being a volunteer
  • Communicating volunteering
  • Increasing independence
  • Money
  • Rewarding achievements

We now need to work out the most important things to improve and, if you are involved with volunteering, we need your help with this by completing this short online survey.

The survey asks three questions about each headline:

  • How important is it?
  • How much better we should be at it? and,
  • How difficult is it to change?

Making two graphs from survey answers will help us to understand what to work on and when. The PDF attachment explains how we can do this.

Graphs for the survey answers given so far are here:

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