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The Health Benefits of Creating Safe, Comfortable Home Lives for People in Hardship

Every day Foundations collects furniture from generous local people, and makes it available at a significant discount for people in poverty, crisis and disadvantage in Gateshead.

Over the last 22 years we’ve received such wonderful comments about how the charity has helped our beneficiaries. This drives us on to do all we can to continue to support vulnerable people.

To find out more about the full impact we have on society, the environment and even the economy, Foundations carried out it’s very first social value assessment last year.

When we read the final report, written by the wonderful Jane Strand from Social Value Business, it confirmed that furniture re-use schemes like ours have far-reaching benefits.

Jane spoke to lots of our beneficiaries to find out what changes they experience as a result of accessing support. We know now that the positive impact on health and wellbeing is significant.

91% of beneficiaries told us that the overarching change is that of stability and a sense of belonging. This leads to happiness, positivity and motivation which relates to a whole range of positive impacts.

82% of respondents explained that they felt as though they could now settle in their homes, which made them feel part of the neighbourhood. This helped people to feel less emotional stress and they had more opportunities to benefit from socialising. According to extensive social research, the feeling of belonging to a neighbourhood has a value of £2251 per person! 

Jane looked into this further, and explained that feeling safe within your home and environment is a fundamental key to positive wellbeing and any further development.

A further 82% told us about their increased sense of pride in their homes, and in themselves. Such changes encourage positive thinking and behaviour, a key step which can help achieve successful and sustainable improvements in other aspects of life.

We couldn’t be prouder of the good work our small charity is doing. As a result of the improvements to mental health and wellbeing and the reduction in distress for vulnerable people, the overall health and wellbeing value of Foundations equates to £54,495 each year, with a cost saving to the public purse of £33,715.

To find out more about our charity, please feel free to call in any weekday between 9am and 4pm.

Our address is Units 1-6 Teams Craft Workshops, Askew Road West, Teams, NE8 2PB.

Alternatively there is lots of information on our website at www.foundationsfurniture.co.uk.

You can also call us (0191 4778337) or email us at foundations.project@btconnect.com.


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