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Getting to Grips With Fly Tipping

We’ve all seen it. Boxes and bin bags left by the road side, an old sofa on a playing field or a mattress dumped in the lane.

It’s not just the untidiness of it and the fact that it makes your community and green areas unsightly that makes it unpleasant It also makes them unsafe.

If you live locally you worry that the sofa might encourage a fire, or that children might be curious and hurt themselves on whatever is in those black bin bags.

Maybe you’re concerned about animal welfare, or the fact that it’s using up funds from the already stretched public purse. It costs an estimated £86m-£186 million every year to investigate and clear up.

You may simply feel sorry for the person who has to come out and clear it all up.

It’s true that the reason in the majority of cases, according to the National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group, is either financial gain or financial savings. They also state that laziness, or carelessness or having the attitude that someone, at some point, will come along and clear up what they dump in the street leads people to feel entitled to do so.

Fly-tipping is illegal and it doesn’t have to be solid items, liquids are included too. Quantity doesn’t matter either. Anything intentionally left, whether it’s one bin bag or 20, is illegal.


The first thing to do is to give the Local Authority a call but you can also report fly-tipping online on council websites too.

Here’s Gateshead’s fly-tipping page where you can find tips on how to make a report:-http://www.gateshead.gov.uk/Environment%20and%20Waste/streetcleaning/fly...

Gateshead Council recommend that you never approach someone who is fly-tipping. Instead, note down any vehicle details you can see (a registration number or company name is ideal) and the date and time. Then simply ring up and give a good description of the location and what appears to be dumped there. For safety reasons, it’s important not to touch anything that has been left.


STEP 1 – ‘One person’s rubbish is another person’s gold’

We know for certain that this old saying is 100% true. We’ve helped over 600 household experiencing poverty this year by providing them with items that 800 households have donated to us.

If you have items that you no longer want, but they’re in good working order or in good repair, it’s possible that there’s someone in your area that can be helped by receiving them…..

Furniture, White Goods and Electricals

Have a look at the household items you’re thinking of getting rid of. If you simply don’t want them anymore or you’re replacing them with something you like better, why not give it a new home in your local area? A household in need will most likely really appreciate it.

We collect furniture, electrical items and white goods free of charge in Tyne and Wear. Just give us a call on 0191 4778337. Here’s our website for more info:- http://www.foundationsfurniture.co.uk/donations

If you’ve just got white goods and no furniture or electricals, D&L Appliances and Plumbing collect free of charge too. Your white goods don’t have to be in working order either, they’ll refurbish them or put the parts to good use to offer affordable options for local people. Give them a call on 07902 124493 or send them a message on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DaveLeanneApplianceNPlumbing/

Clothes, books, brick-a-brac

Most supermarkets and recycling centres have recycling areas in the car parks, and the recycling banks tend to be linked to local charities that make good use of them.

Sometimes charities drop off a donation bag through your letterbox. They then give you a week or so to fill them up with items you no longer want, leave it by your door and they come back to collect. This can be a great method if you don’t have access to transport however you might have to be organised and fill the bags quickly to avoid missing the collection date. It also means you might have to store items until a bag comes through your letter box.

Many charity shops will collect your clothes, books and brick-a-brac from your home. Check which charities are in your local area. A Google search might quickly identify if this is an option for you. They’ll give you a collection date and do the lifting and carrying for you.

STEP 2 – When you decide rubbish is rubbish (and definitely nobody’s gold)…..

If you’ve got waste you want to dispose of but you’re unsure about how, here’s a few suggestions that may help you:-

  • If you’re struggling to afford to pay for waste removal services, and you find a cheaper alternative, ask to see their Waste Carriers Certificate. If they don’t have this, they’re not registered to dispose of your waste properly. It’s not guaranteed that they’ll fly-tip it, but it’s a real possibility.
  • Registered Waste Carriers can be checked at the Public Registers of the Environment Agency.
  • If you want to ensure the waste is collected from you and disposed of ethically, a company with a Waste Carriers Certificate or your council’s waste collection services are the best places to start. For Gateshead residents you can book a collection with the council online using the link above or call 0191 433 7000.
  • If you’re not disposing of business waste, you can turn up at any household recycling centres. If it fits in a normal family car, it’s free of charge. (If you turn up in a van, trailer or pick-up truck you’ll need a permit).
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