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The Gateshead Fund

Gateshead Council remains committed to supporting the borough's voluntary and community groups, despite the difficult budget choices it has had to make over recent years.

The Gateshead Fund has been renamed the Gateshead Thrive Fund, and the fund's principles now reflect our ambition to make Gateshead a place where everybody thrives, by:


  • developing the capacity of community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations in Gateshead
  • supporting the provision of services by voluntary and community organisations in Gateshead
  • creating stronger communities in Gateshead by building on the voluntary efforts of residents, local community assets and the work of elected members in their wards
  • encouraging and supporting residents to help out in their communities (volunteering)

The main priorities for the Gateshead Thrive Fund are:

projects which support the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead and/or the most vulnerable residents

  • projects which address poverty
  • building social capital and increasing active participation by residents within
  • helping to support and enable volunteering

For more information please visit: Gateshead Council Website

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