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Gateshead Council Employee Volunteering Scheme, Neighbourhood Management and Volunteering 2018

Gateshead Council’s Neighbourhood Management & Volunteering Team spent their annual volunteering day in Wardley Countryside Park last week. The team joined the Gateshead Countryside Rangers to help remove overgrown vegetation & old fencing, top up footpaths with gravel, replace missing gates and litter pick throughout the full park.

One of the Countryside Rangers said:

“This was a great opportunity to meet people from the Council.  All this extra help today means that we have completed a lot of jobs that would have taken so much longer for us to do on our own.  It’s been a lovely day”

A member of the public visiting the park on the day commented:

“This park is looking beautiful thanks to the hard work of you volunteers.  I really appreciate all of your hard work, and love seeing you all when I visit the park”

The appreciation of local residents is a credit to the Countryside Rangers and all their hard work on their regular visits to the park.  

Wardley Countryside Park is just one of the sites that the Volunteer Countryside Rangers help out in Gateshead. The Rangers are supported by the Street Scene Team in Communities and Environment who planned the day and support the Rangers in all their work across Gateshead.

Economic value of £780 Into the community of Gateshead from this project.

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