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Funding granted to local charity to help Gateshead residents to furnish their homes.

Foundations is a charity in Gateshead helping over 1300 people every year to access low cost furniture. Each year the charity seeks funding to provide free furniture as part of it's crisis support service, which helps households recovering from crisis, experiencing poverty or dealing with disadvantage. 

Thanks to The Gateshead Housing Company Community Fund, which has awarded Foundations £5,000 in October, the charity is able to help many more households. 

If you or a loved one is a Gateshead Housing Company tenant and is struggling to rebuild a home life due to extreme hardship, please contact an organisation (examples are listed below) who can make a referral. The charity currently has funding for non-Gateshead Housing tenants too, please contact an organisation below if you need support.

  • The Gateshead Housing Company
  • Gateshead Council - any department can refer including children's centres
  • NHS (GP, GP Practice Manager, health visitor etc) 
  • Citizens Advice
  • Any homeless support service
  • Any children's support service (Barnardos, St Chads, Family Centres etc)
  • Churches
  • Job Centre
  • Specialist Services (Age UK, Women's refuge/support services, Alzheimers Association, Stroke Association, Carers Association etc)


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