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Fresh Smokefree needs you

Fresh, the Regional Office for Tobacco Control, is appealing to people in the North East who have been affected by smoking to share their real-life experiences to help warn others. 

Fresh would like to put real stories, such as James quitting story, at the heart of a hard-hitting new campaign later this year, to warn of the dangers of smoking and show the devastating harms people live with on a daily basis.

They are hoping to hear from former smokers who have been personally affected by ill-health or have quit for their health or loved ones, or family members whose loved ones have suffered from a smoking-related illness.

Ailsa Rutter OBE, Director of Fresh, said:

Every year in our region thousands more people will lose family members, or receive the devastating diagnosis of a smoking-related illness. The sad truth is that smoking kills one in two long term smokers and many thousands are living with smoking-related diseases including cancer, COPD and heart conditions”

By telling the real stories of the people who have been affected by smoking or suffered ill-health as a result of smoking, Fresh hope to reach more people and encourage them to quit. They also want to hear positive stories of those who have quit for their health and their loved ones.

The campaign will launch this autumn by Fresh and will include films showing real stories, which will run as TV adverts and feature in other media and social media.

If you have any stories/case studies you could share, please message OneYou Gateshead directly from our Facebook page or contact info@fresh-balance.co.uk or 0191 333 7154

For more information on Fresh and the work they do visit: http://www.freshne.com/

If you’re thinking of quitting or just curious what support is available such as nicotine replacement therapy, E-Cigarettes and what expert advice is available visit:  http://po.st/HHGateshead

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