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The Final Days Of Marley Hill Primary School


Marley Hill Primary School, opened in 1895 closed in 1910



On Tuesday 14th December the remaining pupils of Marley Hill School assembled at St Cuthberts Church Marley Hill to rehearse their Nativity music. 

Pictured above in front of the Church organ are Teacher Jason Smith, The Reverend Bob Hopper, Teacher Susan Hodgson and children: Courtney, Casie, Elliot, Alisha, Meghan, John, Evan & Taylor. 

The Children with Teachers Susan Hodgson, Jason Smith, and Associate School Governor & former Teacher Joan Telford


 The Children rehearsing ready for the evenings Nativity performance.


Following a futile campaign against the closure of the School which involved consultation meetings with the Education Authorities Representatives the School was closed on Friday December 17th 2010. A shameful cost cutting excercise disregarding the feelings of Parents & Pupils alike.

When opening the School on the 1st August 1895 Industrialist Sir Charles Mark Palmer said " It would be a very sad spectacle indeed to have the mines around here like so many extinct volcanoes and to see that school standing there as a monument of the past.

Now the Coal Mine has gone followed by our School, robbing Marley Hill of it's rightful historical inheritance.

The full history of the School written by former Teacher and Senior Governor Joan Telford can be seen in full on our other website


Senior Governor and former Teacher Joan Telford along with other colleagues, were determined to mark the School closure with a final get together of former Teachers and Governors.

On Saturday March 12th 2011, everyone gathered at Sunniside Social Club to enjoy a showing of the new DVD 'Marley Hill Primary School 1895 - 2010' filmed by Noel Adamson.

The event was a huge success, a buffet was provided and everyone enjoyed socialising for the last time.

The DVD was in huge demand and sold at £5.00 per copy.

So much interest is being shown in the DVD that a further showing will be held on Tuesday 29th March in Sunniside Club at the starting time of 7.0pm - 7.30pm and everyone is welcome to attend. The DVD will be on sale at £5.00.

Outside of the functions, Sunniside Club Managers have kindly allowed us to place the DVD behind the bar also for sale at £5.00. We must thank the Club Management Committee for all of their help, not just for this but for all of their support over the years.


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