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Fill the Gap Events (Summer 2017)

Throughout the summer holiday period in 2017 Neighbourhood Management & Volunteering along with partner services and organisations, delivered another Fill the Gap programme.

The programme involves a number of key play activities and events being delivered across Gateshead in a variety of locations and dates to ensure that children have access to support and food throughout the school holiday period.  This is aimed at those children who would usually utilise the free school meals to ensure that they receive at least one source of food a day. 

One of the Council’s registered volunteers, Leanne Forster, applied to become a volunteer with this particular activity.

Leanne volunteered for the full programme of activity for Peace of mind and attended sessions every Monday for 4 weeks at St Joseph’s Church Hall.   Leanne volunteered for an estimated 40 hours throughout the programme. This has the economic value of £520.

The event was aimed at the families of asylum Seekers from the central area of Gateshead and some of its surrounding areas .The events were supported financially by ward councillors from the Bridges Ward of Central Gateshead.

Leanne supported the event by assisting with the art and craft activities, helping with lunch, setting up and putting away after the event and more importantly mixing with the families on the day. Every event was attended by around 50 people(with many different languages) this included around 30 children Leanne was a great help and developed a good relationship with the group.

Leanne also supported 3 sessions at St Mary’s Heritage Centre.  The events were aimed at supporting children who are young carers.  The event was a joint effort by Gateshead Neighbourhood Management Team, St Mary’s Heritage Centre and Gateshead Carers Trust.  The event involved up to 18 children from age 6-11 and staff from Gateshead Carers Trust every week.   Leanne was involved with supporting the children on guided walks along Newcastle/Gateshead quayside, various arts and a crafts throughout the weeks as swell as helping the children feel comfortable and happy during every session.   Gateshead Carers Trust reported that Leanne had been a fantastic help during the events with Leanne wanting to spend more time at Gateshead Carers Trust/Young Carers as a volunteer in the future.  

Leanne also helped out at the Celebration event at Gateshead Leisure Centre on 1st September.  Leanne has recently applied for a job and the team have provided the potential employers with a character reference.

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