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Exhibition of artwork by older men living in Gateshead opens at Arch Sixteen Cafe

Entitled Humming His Song, the exhibition showcases the creative talents of Tony Wilkinson, Ken Mood and Walter Matthews.

Opening at 6pm on February 16 until March 30 their work will adorn the walls of Arch Sixteen Café in Gateshead.

All in their 60s, Gateshead residents Tony, Ken and Walter met at our weekly creative sessions in Swinburne House.

Tony, who spent more than 20 years tending gardens owned by Gateshead Council, said: “I was initially nervous about exhibiting and potentially being judged but also excited. I think it will be a fantastic opportunity, and is definitely something I never expected to be doing at 64.

“For me I get enjoyment out of creating something, starting off and not knowing where it will lead you. I’ve painted for years but what I create always ends up stored away.

“There is no grandeur to what we do, we are just three men hoping to show people that if we can do it, anyone can have a go, no matter what their age or experience.”

Helping curate the exhibition at Arch Sixteen is Equal Arts’ trainee associate Olivia Hunt and visual artist Clare Armstrong.

Olivia, who joined the charity last year after completely her Drama an Applied Theatre degree said: “Each week right here in Gateshead there a group of people create a real buzz and some fascinating artwork.

“We wanted to give them the opportunity to reach a much wider audience, inspire others and highlight the benefits creativity can bring as we age.”

To get involved in our projects or to find out more about the exhibition and purchasing artwork contact us on 0191 477 5775.

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