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Example Volunteers Month (June 2017), Woodgreen

Residents at the Sheltered Accommodation Scheme based at Woodgreen in Bill Quay, were successful in their application to the Community Foundation for a Volunteers Month Grant of £300.  The Scheme keeps chickens on the site that are looked after by the residents.  This is through the Hen Power Programme. 

With the funding that was awarded the residents held a volunteer day and encouraged friends and families of residents (as well as any additional volunteers who were interested) to help improve the site around the scheme.  Tasks included painting the Chicken coops, painting some of the fences and handrails, tidying up the gardens, placing new gravel down and other general tasks. Members of the Neighbourhood Management & Volunteering Team supported the group.

All involved were very positive about the event.  Included below is a photo of part of the activities.  The tiles pictured were created by the residents themselves. 

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