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Divine Departures and Sunset Poppies open for business!

We started to look at the end of last year for a suitable location for our new business. We looked at over a dozen properties across the whole of Gateshead, it was important for us to find a property that was not only suitable for our needs but was based in an area that has a strong community spirit.

We originally looked at a couple of properties to let with Commercial Agents but they were not suitable for our needs. We had spotted an empty property on the corner of Saltwell Road and Westminster Street but unfortunately it was not advertised so we were unsure if we would ever find out who it belonged to. We set about talking to local shop owners and we felt immediately welcome, even when we told them what we were going to open! we were told that the property had been vacant for a number of years and that the shutters had not been up in at least five years! but thanks to the lovely Eileen in Saffron Bakery we got the contact details of the landlord and agreed the lease. The building was in a desperate state of repair so we knew a lot work lay ahead of us.

There was a great deal of speculation and anticipation from the local community as to which business was about to open, as apparently the ‘old corner shop’ was going to be turned in to a Launderette. We had quite a bit of fun when passers-by asked ‘ what is the business going to be?’ We often asked if they could guess which of course no one could! The news soon spread, as the curiosity of the local community grew and we were overwhelmed by the number of good wishes we received.

Once we started renovations the local traders such as; The Curiosity Shop, Saffron Bakery, Harry’s Golden Chippy and Scope have been very supportive and we would like send a big thank you to them.

It has taken us just over 4 weeks and thanks to a bit of vision, a fabulous team of builders and wonderful neighbours we have managed to transform the building both inside and out and are very proud to have created a fabulous new location for Divine Departures and Sunset Poppies.

So who are we? Divine Departures offers a wide range of funeral services, including pet funerals we pride ourselves in offering as much choice to bereaved families as possible, such as a simple no frills funeral, bespoke themed funerals, funerals which can be based around hobbies or passions such as football, music, or even movies, Green funerals within natural burial grounds and biodegradable coffins. DIY funerals , whereby we will assist families who want to conduct their own funeral. We offer a wide range of transport from traditional hearses and limousines, to Motorcycle and sidecar, Trike, VW camper vans or flat bed, truck hearses. We also supply a wide range of coffins from traditional Oak, Mahogany, Wicker, Bamboo, Willow, Pine, Banana, Cardboard and Wool! We can arrange multi faith, humanist and civil ceremonies or traditional religious service funerals. We can arrange pre- paid funeral plans and can also offer FREE End of Life plans. These document and record how you want to spend your last days and how you want your funeral carried out, we feel by getting prepared it takes the burden away from family and loved ones so when the time comes they can carry out your wishes and make sure they give you the send off you want, not what they hoped you would want.

It’s difficult to decide what to do with a loved one (or pets) Ashes or personal belongings, so we set up Sunset Poppies to show that there was more options than just scattering ashes or keeping them in a traditional urn. We offer some very different ideas, such as incorporating Ashes in to glass or jewellery, placing the Ashes into paper turtles that will gently wash out to sea, personalised caskets which can be designed to your own specification. We can also arrange for Ashes to be put into fireworks, rockets or oil paintings. We can have favourite books, clothes and jigsaws made into a variety of items that would not be obvious to anyone but you. Whether you have recently experienced a bereavement or would like to create a keepsake from a past bereavement we can help you find the perfect way to cherish your memories and keep them with you always.

Please feel free to come in and have a look around we are happy to answer any questions you may have or contact us; Divine Departures 0191 5438963 www.divinedepartures.co.uk Sunset Poppies 0191 4324250 www.sunsetpoppies.co.uk You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Linda and Phil

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