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Digital Marketing Training

A new fully funded Digital Marketing programme with NBSL / Northumberland College is being offered to community organisations in Gateshead. 

The programme includes 3 full day group sessions and 8 hours of individual 1-2-1 support.

I’ll be focusing on all areas of digital marketing including website management, seo, content, blogging, email marketing and social media - 

the 1-2-1’s can be tailored to attendees specific requirements.

The group sessions will be on 10th July, 24th July and 7th August (they’re all Tuesdays).

This is  obviously a fantastic opportunity for any Gateshead based community organisations!

For Further details please contact:

David Jackson david.jackson@nbsl.org.uk  

Andrew Ditchburn: andy@perro.co.uk

Topics covered                                                                           Expected Impacts

1-2-1 Sessions - (2 hours)                    

Digital Presence Review                                                              Critically assess the effectiveness of my presence on social media

Introduction to Values                    


Group Session 1 - (Full day)                

Introduction and Definitions              

Core Idea and Values                                                                   Identify the core values of my business that should inform my use of social media

Market - Who are you talking to?                                             Clearly identify my target audience on social media

Message - What do you want to say?                                                     Create a range of messages that can be shared on social media

Medium - The channels you will choose to say it?                Identify the best social media channels to reach the target audience for my business

Profile Pages                                                                                  Create and update my profile pages to make a positive impact


Group Session 2 - (Full day)                

Website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Overview  Recognise the impact social media can have on the SEO rating of my website

Content Development                                                                 Create a range of content for use on social media

Content Plan                                                                                  Plan the release of a range content across different platforms over a period of weeks


1-2-1 Sessions - (2 hours)                    

Set up of channels and Profile Pages                                        Set up new social media channels and profile pages


1-2-1 Sessions - (2 hours)                    

Development of channels and appropriate content             Develop engaging content that is suitable for different channels


Group Session 3 - (Full day) - Tactics and tips:      

Blogging                                                                                          Create engaging blogs that focus on my key business messages to retain current customers and attract interest from new customers

Email Marketing                                                                            Develop email marketing campaigns that maintain contact with current customers

Facebook                                                                                        Use Facebook to share information about the business and build my customer base

Twitter                                                                                            Use Twitter to keep people updated with news and offers

Pinterest                                                                                         Use Pinterest to share images and updates

Instagram                                                                                       Use Instagram to share images of my products

LinkedIn                                                                                          Use LinkedIn to build  my professional network to engage current and potential customers

Metrics and Measuring Results                                                  Use Google Analytics and the performance metric tools within each social media platform to monitor and measure the impact of my activity 



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