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Cooking for One: Tips inspired by our batch cooking pro George

There’s not many weeks that go by when we’re not inspired by one of our clients, trustees, volunteer or members of staff.

It’s not surprising, they’re a truly amazing group of people.

It was trustee and volunteer walking co-ordinator George who inspired us recently. On the last Sunday of every month, George takes a group of 17 over 65’s on walks throughout the North of England.

Just to be clear, this isn’t your typical stroll after a Sunday roast. George and the walking group (named ‘Just Good Friends’) are out in all weathers for up to 7 miles, and no less than 6. But the scenery is very nice indeed.

At a recent meeting, conversation turned to food. It often does. The meetings are held on a Thursday morning in the lunch club lounge as the cook works her magic in the kitchen.

By 10:30am we’re all feeling the hunger pangs due to the lovely smells of home cooked favourites like mince and dumplings or steak pie.

George told us he often spends a little bit of extra time in the kitchen on a weekend preparing his meals for the entire week ahead! He’s so busy doing various activities through the week that he finds it worthwhile so that he can quickly reheat a home cooked meal when he comes home.

He is a batch cooking pro!

Batch cooking is perfect for cooking for one, for saving time, or even just avoiding having to do lots of washing up every night.

So, with George as our inspiration, we’ve put together some batch cooking top tips over on our new blog where you can also see pictures of the walking group in action. https://teamworkgateshead.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/cooking-for-one-tips-...

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