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Cold Weather alert - Please check on your neighbours

The Met Office has forecast that severe cold weather in all regions of England is likely to last until Thursday.

Please inform older people and make sure they have everything they need to keep warm and well.

Exposure to the cold can have a devastating impact on older people, who are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low temperatures. As people get older it takes longer to warm up which can be bad for health. Breathing in cold air lowers the body temperature, and raises the risk of chest infections, heart attacks and strokes.

The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 18°C (64°F) and 21°C (70°F) for a living room. Ask older people to check their thermostat or use a room thermometer to monitor temperature, and keep their bedroom windows shut on a winter’s night.

More detailed forecasts for individual regions can be found on the Met Office website here:

Met Office: Cold Weather Alerts

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