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Carers’ Assessment – Have you had one?


If so please can you complete a short 5 minute survey for Healthwatch Gateshead.
Gateshead Council is currently reviewing its support services for carers. An important part of support to carers is having a carer’s assessment that looks at what help you need to support you in caring for someone.
This survey is for anyone who dedicates some or all their time, unpaid, caring or helping a friend or family member who has a physical and/or mental illness, a disability or an addiction to drugs/alcohol and needs their support. Even if you wouldn’t describe yourself as a carer, but provide care/help or support for someone, please complete this survey.
If you haven’t had an assessment they would like to establish ‘why’ and if you have had an assessment to get your feedback on the process and outcome.
The survey is only ‘live’ until the 23rd August so they need all replies to the survey by this date. Below is the link to their online survey: https://tinyurl.com/gheadcarers 

PLEASE can you take 5 minutes to complete it. Thank you for your help.

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